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C-RAYZ WALZ - "BAILAPHOBIA" feat. Suncycle Generals (Official Video)

BAILAPHOBIA feat. MIC MOUNTAIN, XKWISIT, BISHOP, INTENTION, 12 GAUGE PHAZE, MS.PRFCT, GUTZY COLLINS, BARNEY CRUMBLE, FRED BEEN STONED & RES LAUREN From The Album Free Rayz Walz 2.0 This Is a Cry For Freedom and Access To The Bail Reform Laws That C-Rayz Walz Has Been Denied Since He's Been Locked Up. It Should Be Innocent Until Proven Guilty Instead Of Guilty Until Proven Innocent. The SunCycle Generals Represent The GoldenAreMe And No Weapon Formed Against Us Shall Prosper. Free Rayz Walz Until The SunCycle Body Is Returned. The Mind Will Scream Freedom #FreeRayzWalz


A lot of times when you question the system we live in, the system itself will be quick to discredit you, or even worse label you as Craazy. What's really Craazy is perhaps the conditions our communities live under and the way the government controls us. Now thats Craazy.

PROTECT MY FAMILY feat. Dj Killa Kal, Prod. by Dj Lord Ron (Official Video)

"PROTECT MY FAMILY" The ode to Domestic Responsibility & The Lost Art of DadLife. Constant Elevation & Dedication to our growing seeds is a never ending Rights of Passage. Recorded 13 Years ago this HipHop Banger stands just as tall as it did in 2003 & will stand the test of time just as The Constructive Values and Aspirations instilled in our little Stars (who are Truly The Very Best Part of us) will carry them past the unseen hands of The Future. Very Few HipHop songs invoke a sense of Pride or Constructive Energy for the People. The Truth is Untouchable. This is HipHop for your Mind, Body & Soul. The SunCycle Mc Strikes again…and again. Immortal Facts & Unbreakable Tracks. If You Think It's An Old Joke, Well Hearty, Hardy, Har!

THE GOLDEN LEGACY (Official Video)

Love is a Strong Line of Communication. What Better way tell The people I Love Them than to remind them that they are KINGS & QUEENS. The Golden Apple don't taste like it looks. FEEL ME? As we become more Aware the sooner we will Return to Royalty and take our Rightful Place in The Universe. "When Your Mind is a Crown, The Kingdom is The Mind" -Walz

FREEDOM feat. Oxilla Born Allah & Merc Versus

Why do the 5% teach that man is GOD? Answer: Today many people have different interpretations and opinions of the word “GOD”. To some, GOD is a spiritual force, a Supreme Being who lives somewhere in the sky above the clouds, who no one will ever be able to see until they die. There are those who teach the GOD is a spook or unseen being that exists everywhere. The 5% teach that GOD is made according to the original meaning of the word GOD. When one researches the word GOD, he will find that the word GOD comes from the Greek language. It is taken from the first letters of the Greek words: GUMAR, OZ and DUBAR (G+O+D=GOD). Gumar means: Wisdom, Oz means: Strength, and Dubar means: Beauty. Thus it is plain to see that Wisdom, Strength, and Beauty are the attributes of a Man with true knowledge of self. The Circumference Earth is Approximately 25,000. When Wisdom or Woman Learns Equality she will Know who The True and Living God is and no Longer will Feel Far Away From The Father like Venus because she will be into with her Culture which is Islam. She will Love Allah's Math and no Longer be confused but will see things for what they are reflect thru knowledge. "FREEDOM" Peace To Lord Mustafa aka Born Allah *7)

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