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In Banter one of the most common greetings "What's Up?" is actually inquiring much more than what the questioner would really like to know.
The Evolutionary Pathway to Up is synonymous to Limitless. In relation to THE LIGHT SOURCE we know as The Sun, Up is in union with intelligence. The HUBRIS DEBRIS of Superior Thinking can often lead us to a very BOISTEROUS COMBUSTION of Truth that may not be comprehended or received well by those who are 93,000,000 miles away from The Fiery Ball. Dealing with False Evidence Appearing Real,
THE TRANSMISSION can be misinterpreted & what starts as Earth Cultivation will become 
MOON PATROL or Dead Planet Tending. There is no life on The Moon. What may be confused as Love that remains would be at best 
VENUS REMNANTS of Emotional Waters which have become thicker than Blood At The Root. Bringing these broken pieces back to The Origin of Understanding in attempts to make things Whole & Untampered w/ would be ASTEROID REFLUX. Dangerous and against The Natural Order of Separation of Negative & Positive. This can lead to Self Death. On a Sub-Atomic level a 
LABAL-S RESURRECTION is Proof Shown that The Rising Sun is indeed an Earthly interpretation because in terms of Actual Fact....Sun never fell, R.I.P. 
THE MARS VOLTAGE is the last Solid opportunity to Rock Out before Gaseous Elements release Energy Essence post SuperNova. Resulting in ASCENSION DIVERSION, revealing you are going where you've always been, just further, closer, lower & higher. The Fabric of Sight sewn into the shape of NEBULA TEARS can either rip you or attach you to the oneness of the space you're in based on the realization that no one can hear you scream in Space & it's all in your head because The Silence of Sound is louder in your dome. THE LANDING OVATION occurs when you find Peace in stillness. You Float Fearlessly learning Elevation is constant, Education is conscious, Evolution is cosmic & The Universe unfolds right behind your closed eyelids when you see past what's in front of you. Embrace The Power of Self Saving Correction based on The Antigravity Fact: "Nothing can actually hold you down". This is
Album #44 
The Legendary Scientist


The UP State

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