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The Code


Within the main frame of 'The Code' (LP #19 from The SunCycle MCC-Rayz Walz proceeds with another HIp-Hop classic. Covering the essence of Beats & Rhyme with numerous apps embedded throughout this program 'The Code' is the protocol of what Hip-Hop is. Alive in the fresh. Every topic is covered. There is even the mandatory love song titled The Golden Legacy instead of a woman Walz uploads his heart for all his people on a whole and punctuates the need for royalty through the ritual of knowledge of self & others.
In this digital age where you see and taste quicker than you think and absorb 'The Code' is something very personal that you can feel all over. In the midst of the boom bap C-Rayz Walz keeps you plugged into the reality of daily life in the 21st century and gives you 'The Code' to make it to the next level of existence w/o letting the game drive you crazy!
If you like Hip-Hop a little bit... You will loooove 'The Code'. It is the Anti-Virus

The Code #27 (Compact Disc)

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