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Life is a Large Body of WATER and Wisdom is the Vital Building Block.
To Be or Born we must exist physically through the body so that we may exist victoriously through the mind. To find Happiness you must go through Hell to come out Right. You need a VESSEL to travel through the OCEAN. The Boat is the Body and just like Gilligan had to be Stuck on the ISLAND via The Boat. These 12 songs are the CAPTAINS LOG of the Quotes that
C-Rayz Wrote Manifested as LIFE SAVERS to keep you AFLOAT. SunCycle 360 is the LIGHTHOUSE. Freedom is a SHORE thing so as these words LAND, Experience the Universe of NYC’s DOC through these soundWAVES




The 43rd Album from Hip-Hops most Legendary CASTAWAY
C-Rayz Walz.


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