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C-Rayz Walz ‎– Year Of The Beast (Vinyl)


Stronghold soldier C-Rayz Walz returned with the follow-up to his 2003 Definitive Jux solo debut Ravipops. Out of Print.


Year of the Beast [Vinyl]

LP (12" album, 33 rpm)

C-Rayz Walz  Format: Vinyl


Track Listing:


R'Thentic (3:14)
First Words Worse (3:21)
Knowledge (3:26)
Walk Through (4:32)
The Rhyme Intervention (2:17)
Street Reppin' (4:02)
Paradise (4:41)
Music Take Ovah (3:24)
Pink (4:24)
Care Free (4:25)
Say Werd (3:10)
Blackout (3:46)
Black Soap (3:42)
Mark Of The Beast (1:43)


C-Rayz Walz ‎– Year Of The Beast #9 (Vinyl LP Album)

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